A Bird’s Eye View of East Khasi Hills – Laitlum Canyon

Being a traveler, I always crave for road less traveled to avoid tourists and rat races. After stayed in Meghalaya for a week’s long time, visiting and trekking many destinations, there comes the final destination to least explored place, Laitlum Canyon. This was one perfect closure to my journey in Meghalaya as one can always experience the calmness and serenity in road less traveled.

The Laitlum Canyon – End of East Khasi Hills

Here are some details about Laitlum Canyon:

  1. Located around 20+ km from Shillong and 8km from Smit village
  2. Mode of transport: Hire a vehicle (approx charge 1000-1500 INR) or Bus to Smit Village or trek (round trek takes 4-5 hours)
  3. Accommodation: One can opt a stay in smit village
  4. Food: Experience authentic local food at smit village, on the way to Canyon. Black Tea or simple snacks can be purchased at canyon.
Tea and Mountains are best companion ever 😍

There were well laid steps with fence initially and later on it takes the rocky and uneven rocks to descend. The trial to descend and ascend are same. The other attraction during the trek is the sight of locals taking the same path carrying the load on their back. At Laitlum Canyon, one can see the breath taking view of wide spread meadows and stairways that snake down the valley.

Just with a 5 minute descend, we spotted a small room at the edge. It is equipped with a motor and a rope way passing to the other side of valley. To our surprise, it is used to transport the provisions to village (Rasom) down the valley. It is a sight worth watching, the pulley and motor are vary basic but functions far beyond expectation.

“You don’t need a therapist, if you can submerge your soul in Natures beauty”. Yes, Nature is the healer. One such beauty is ‘Laitlum Canyon’ with lush green meadows carpeting the area as an Amphitheater and sight of conjoining east khasi hills forming a valley. The view is worth the experience and anyone can simply get lost in the serenity of this landscape. Don’t miss on this place while planning a visit to Meghalaya 🙂

Quick history of Khasi tribe:

Khasi tribe is the largest ethnic group in the state and they speak Khasi language (no script). One unique feature of Khasi tribe is they follow matrilineal system of descent and inheritance. The youngest girl of the family will hold the major share in the assests.

PS respect Nature and its resources and it will always leaves you awstuck! Straight from my heart – Payback to Nature in whatever way you can and don’t leave trash on trials 🙂

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