A Walk Down The Memory Lane!

A lazy morning amidst all the chaos in past one week. Feeling the cool breeze, sipping the coffee and hearing to birds chirping while sitting in a cosy cornor of balcony, what a luxury it is! All the noises which are inside vanishes at blink of eye, when I sit with myself and introspect.

There was a moment it took me to the memory lane of last one year. A lot happened! Learned and unlearned, cried and laughed, experienced and experimented and what not. My life has always been a roller coaster ride with all the curiousity to explore and experience. But, damm.. all these experiences made me stronger and made my life radical.

Sometimes, life comes in between and forces to take the hardest of decisions. I don’t know what to say about last one year, and have taken few toughest of decisions personally and professionally. Don’t know it’s for good or bad, but chosen to depart my ways.

Three years of building up the cafe and setting up base was one hardest feeling to take an exit from. The recipes we used to experiment, the interactions with staff and customers, the hustle, the marketing strategies etc. That’s a whole lot of emotions and feelings. And it’s really hard to move out of something which was built out of passion. Every tiny detail right from cooking, plating techniques, serving and delivering to customer and then you see a little smile on their face cherishing the first bite of food, that’s when the heart will be filled with joy. I took long time to deattach myself from cafe. Though it’s been close to one year, I meet the staff occassionally and enjoy a conversation over a chai with them.

Other tough decision which was made this year is a job change. It’s not an easy decision by moving out from flexible environment and leaving the people with plain hearts. It’s always hard to find such people at work place. Juggled between the ethics and offerings coming my way and trust me it was not an easy task to make the mind and heart to allign. End of the day, what always matters for me is how I lived and how I’m building up the relations and taking care of my people and the impact I create. Life needs to be simple with no regrets.

And few other personal decisions I made and departed ways. Choices may be tough, but I want to live life deliberately.  I want to live deep and suck out the marrow of life. Took a journey of introspection, walking through different terrains with 14kilo on back for six days covering a distance of 120KM. And today, I feel I’m surrounded and guarded by six families, I wish not to loose these people I found on this journey till my last breath.

Overall, LIFE is awesome when LIVED!! It’s an experience to cherish and to create self. I am evolving with every step I take and with every experience. Live life and every moment.

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