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Hi there! I am Praveena Bavanari, a biogeek and loves to explore life. I have an itchy feet and passionate heart! I love to travel by exploring places, culture and food. My cosmic love to live life and just not to survive made me create this blog to share my experiences and travel stories. After all, life is a journey – Making it interesting with many experiences and moments to cherish or making it monotonous is all in our hands. I choose to have loads of memories over a life of regrets and perfect skin! I am a nature enthusiasts and Boxing is my first love. Besides all these, I am a Project Manager by profession and run a cafe by choice. If you ever looking for a place to hangout, you know whom to contact now (Laughs).

Hold on! On sidelines, I’m a volunteer with Headstart, contributing my penny for the cause I believe – Changing the world through entrepreneurship.

Follow your many passions and dreams and the curiosity down those rabbit holes, no matter what it takes to. LIVE every moment 😀

Live Life and Leave Your Footprints!!

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vasamsi jirnani yatha vihayanavani grhnati naro ‘paranitatha sarirani vihaya jirnanyanyani samyati navani dehi Bhagvad Gita – Chapter 2 Text 22 According to Vedas there are 84 Lakh species of life and the conditioned soul is continuously passing through the different species based on karma, under devine supervision. The Bhagvad Gita (2.22) says that just as … Continue reading Chaurasi Kutiya – A Walk To Remember

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