An Island!!

It was Friday night and 10PM, completed the last meeting for the day and took a quick break. I always enjoy short rides at night, feeling the breeze and chasing the moon all alone and being with myself. But this day, it was a little different than usual, I didn’t feel like going back and I felt an avalanche in my chest. I know what that means and if I ever feel an avalanche for something then I knew, it’s coming from the deepest part of who I am – and only people so close to me knew it 😂. Immediately messaged a couple of my friends, it was already 12AM and there we came together and steered up and hit the National Highway. It’s always a blessing to have friends with similar mental disorders and who equally go crazy with your craziness and accept the uncertainties. We all plan for someday. And without ever noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And that’s life!! But what we don’t realise is ‘Time is NOW’ – Listen to the voice that comes from inside😀. And when you feel an avalanche, don’t wait for someday, trust the gut and make it happen! My quick break turned out to be a long one😂

And I steered the wheel towards Kalwakurthi and I don’t know why and then reached Somasila by 3:30AM. We all took a nap for 1.5 hour and then walked down to experience the sunrise. I always wanted to go deep onto the backwaters of the Krishna river flowing towards Somasila to know what is there hidden.

The idea is to find a camping spot. With all the Jugaad, convinced a boat person who can take us to the point which I saw on the map. Row, row, row the boat ⛵ and there we reached an island finally. A lonely Island and all we can hear is birds chirping and water crashing the land. Wow, what a surreal feeling – that’s my place 😀

Walk, walk, walk and walk the island and there we jumped into the water. It was a perfect place for camping and the starry night and that is all enough. So far I have camped on this island 4 times and each time it was a different charm and experience. During my third visit, we could see nearly 20 fishermen on this island and pulling the net loaded with tons of fishes. Trying out our hand in pulling the net and some deep conversation with these fishermen and knowing about their life and finally fish roasting on the fire.

Each visit to this place has a story to tell and an experience to cherish. The sundown and Twilight is something to die for here, what a sighting. Why is it always beautiful and filled with mesmerizing colors? A color palette in the sky!!

My last two visits were on a heavier note. Unfortunately, people started visiting this place and I see trash here and there. We returned carrying three bags of trash with us. It feels sad to witness the rich places losing their charm just because of our irresponsibility.

PS as I always say be a responsible traveller and don’t leave traces on trials. Life is to experience and live it, and remember it is not a race.

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