Chaurasi Kutiya – A Walk To Remember

vasamsi jirnani yatha vihayanavani grhnati naro 'paranitatha sarirani vihaya jirnanyanyani samyati navani dehiBhagvad Gita - Chapter 2 Text 22 According to Vedas there are 84 Lakh species of life and the conditioned soul is continuously passing through the different species based on karma, under devine supervision. The Bhagvad Gita (2.22) says that just as one … Continue reading Chaurasi Kutiya – A Walk To Remember

A Walk Down The Memory Lane!

A lazy morning amidst all the chaos in past one week. Feeling the cool breeze, sipping the coffee and hearing to birds chirping while sitting in a cosy cornor of balcony, what a luxury it is! All the noises which are inside vanishes at blink of eye, when I sit with myself and introspect. There … Continue reading A Walk Down The Memory Lane!

Bohri Thaal – Happiness is Homemade!!

When you mix good flavors, the food turns into an orchestra. Food is always an emotion and today it's fuelled by Bohri Thaal. It is not always the art of adding right spices to make a final dish. There is much more to it, a science behind it, an emotion, a passion and the joy … Continue reading Bohri Thaal – Happiness is Homemade!!

There’s always a little something!

Suddenly, everything changed! And there was a pause, I could feel the silence and breeze blowing through the body dripping in sweat, eyes and heart started wandering around. That's the moment where I got answer to the pain I was carrying for last few hours in scorching sun. The sight of joy, that's the first … Continue reading There’s always a little something!

St. Mary’s Island – A Hidden Gem

St. Mary's Island - I call it a hidden gem or am I just flaunting about it? What is the truth? People who visited this Island will have the answer and agree to what all I say here! We (a group of 10 people) started to this island from Malpe beach. It is around 30 … Continue reading St. Mary’s Island – A Hidden Gem

A Bird’s Eye View of East Khasi Hills – Laitlum Canyon

Being a traveler, I always crave for road less traveled to avoid tourists and rat races. After stayed in Meghalaya for a week's long time, visiting and trekking many destinations, there comes the final destination to least explored place, Laitlum Canyon. This was one perfect closure to my journey in Meghalaya as one can always … Continue reading A Bird’s Eye View of East Khasi Hills – Laitlum Canyon

Kudremukh – A place of self realisation

These were the pre monsoon dry days (early June) with no Trek's or trips happening around and don't have budget to travel North 🤷. Life becomes dull when you are not with nature for long! When desperation reaches the saturation point, one will end up in Jugaad. With all my effort, figured out and booked … Continue reading Kudremukh – A place of self realisation

A crazy roller coaster ride!

Life is one big crazy roller coaster with ups and downs, twists and turns, happiness and sadness, success and failure, love and hatred. It means we are living. I was on the life roller coaster with lot happenings with my work, cafe, treks, sports, travel etc. until one day I accidentally stepped on a crazy … Continue reading A crazy roller coaster ride!