A Walk Down The Memory Lane!

A lazy morning amidst all the chaos in past one week. Feeling the cool breeze, sipping the coffee and hearing to birds chirping while sitting in a cosy cornor of balcony, what a luxury it is! All the noises which are inside vanishes at blink of eye, when I sit with myself and introspect. There … Continue reading A Walk Down The Memory Lane!

It’s Okay To Live Life Of Your Choice!

Everything in life is a reflection of choice we make! All of us, at some point in life had questions to self "What I want from life", "Where am I going", "What is the purpose" etc. Though many of us have answers to these questions, we step back - Is it coz of societal pressure? … Continue reading It’s Okay To Live Life Of Your Choice!

A Long & Memorable Drive!

For few love happens at first sight, for few it takes months, years or even decade long to ignite the spark. Everything looks magical when love is in the air! She is bold outside and sensitive inside. Her dreams are big but never takes risks. On the contrary, he is experimental. He believes success comes … Continue reading A Long & Memorable Drive!

A crazy roller coaster ride!

Life is one big crazy roller coaster with ups and downs, twists and turns, happiness and sadness, success and failure, love and hatred. It means we are living. I was on the life roller coaster with lot happenings with my work, cafe, treks, sports, travel etc. until one day I accidentally stepped on a crazy … Continue reading A crazy roller coaster ride!