A Long & Memorable Drive!

For few love happens at first sight, for few it takes months, years or even decade long to ignite the spark. Everything looks magical when love is in the air!

She is bold outside and sensitive inside. Her dreams are big but never takes risks. On the contrary, he is experimental. He believes success comes when one goes beyond their comfort zone. He carries the heart of a lion and soul of a wanderer. But both are friends for years.

One day, during a walk, she expressed her interest to visit a place. He was quiet, no response. She felt bad and after the dinner, both said Good Bye and left the place. It was 3am and the phone rang.

“Hey, I am waiting downstairs at your place, get ready soon. No questions, I’m waiting, come down fast and hung up”.

As she knows, that he is not going to listen to anyone once he made his mind, she got ready and the surprise journey started. It’s around 6 hour’s drive on road. The weather was surprisingly pleasant. The journey, weather, cool breeze, music and pit stops everything was just falling into place to make them relax and enjoy. She was surprised and more over happy with the move he had taken. Though they were friends for long and had many long drives together, this journey was special and made them fall in love deep inside. There were no answers for why it happened, but it happened. Sometimes there is only one thing left to say. The feelings are spanning across a million galaxies but can’t hold the stars in mind. A tight hug and a ray of hope is all what is needed. She was all the colors of the rainbow to him to make a canvas. They returned back and journey completed with a Good Bye.

Live in the moments and life is all about memories.

PS, this was a story written by me years back and published anonymously on other blogging sites. This holds true even today as I have closely seen this happened between two of my friends and I choose not to disclose the names 😅 Also, this is not my genre of writings too 🙈

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