There’s always a little something!

Suddenly, everything changed! And there was a pause, I could feel the silence and breeze blowing through the body dripping in sweat, eyes and heart started wandering around. That’s the moment where I got answer to the pain I was carrying for last few hours in scorching sun. The sight of joy, that’s the first glimpse of ‘Mysterious Island‘ and there’s always a little something in such little joys of life. The little smile on the face, sparkle in eyes is all because the feeling is straight from heart!

First glimpse of Island! Isn’t it beautiful?

After ascending and descending three hills, and trekking for 5 hours, got the first sight of the Island and it vanished the pain of gruelling climb. The trek starts from Kambalapally, a small village in Nalgonda District of Telangana. The trail is a mix of terrain traversing through forest and hills. Most of the path is filled with stones and it makes uncomfortable to walk. Telangana being a Deccan Plateau is always not pleasant for long treks due to scorching sun. The challenge is to survive 24 hours with 4 litres water. I should say it’s an endurance trek testing patience.

Wait, the trek is not over yet! After the first glimpse, it took around 45minutes to reach the bank of water. From there, we took a boat and reached the island. Now, comes climbing the island to its top and camp.

After we reached the island in boat, took a nap for 15minutes and then went around in search of wood. Then we started cooking and cherished the meal😀 We started the trek to the Island top after sunset. There was a clear vision of moon rise and I cherish this experience for life time. The island trek was through a steep climb with rocky steps here and there and at places it seriously tested the balance. Finally, reached the top and it’s been more than 10 hours and everyone’s tees are dripping with sweat😅 that’s what happens during trekking in Telangana.

The sunrise from this place was mesmerising and the early morning scenes are filled with blues all over. What a sight it was!

With all the heavy heart to leave the place, started our trek back to base camp. We reached the start point before sunset and started travel back to Hyderabad in bus! Life is all about little joys, cherishing the moments and experiencing as much as possible – there is always little something in everything, feel it with open heart! When we start living for the small moments in life, that’s when we understand what life is. Damm, these tiny moments will truly make life worth living.

There are few other routes to reach this Island. If you wanna know more, DM me😀 As I say always, respect nature and it’s resources and leave no trash on trails. Live Life!!

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