Festival of Lights – Pollution Control

I wonder why pollution control measures and eco friendly options arises only during festival times! When it is Ganesh Festival, media promotes on eco friendly Ganesha to save lakes. When it is Diwali, media promotes on firework free Diwali, noise free Diwali to save pets and control pollution. Does this means we remember or care our surroundings only during festival? Why we are not bothered about nature and preserving natural resources as part of our lifestyle? As a responsible citizen can’t we care and preserve resources for a happy future?

Our protest on cracker free festival is an impact on livelihood of lakhs of people. To tab on numbers, industries in town named Sivakasi (From Tamilnadu) employs around 2.5 lakh people for manufacturing fireworks with an estimated turnaround of 20 billion rupees (Source: Wiki). Which means it’s their one year livelihood and they wait for this day the whole year. Similarly, other bans also has an impact on livelihood of someone or other. Moreover, fireworks brings smile on anyone’s face, be it a kid or adult. Now we talk about pets, pollution etc. Are we really concerned? Anything excess is always a threat. Pets/stray animals are worried for sure, because of noise but this not the only pain we are giving them. Think about in what all ways we humans are bothering animals and owning their habitats.

All I can say is there are ‘N’ number of things we can do to preserve our resources, pollution etc. Saving environment and animals. A small Country Bhutan is termed as carbon negative Country and don’t we have anything to learn from them? If each one of us start taking baby steps in changing our lifestyle and the way we look at the things, we can also build a less polluted Country preserving our resources.

  1. Limit the usage of own vehicles. Opt for car/bike pooling, take public transportation, cycle to work, take a walk (at least one can cut down on Gym expense :D)
  2. Conserve energy – be at home, office or anywhere. Be responsible to switch off when not in need. Look for alternate sources of energy
  3. Do not litter. Remember that children learn from us. Set an example to next generation and make them feel proud and responsible.
  4. Avoid using non recyclable materials. Don’t be ashamed to carry your own bags/boxes/bottles
  5. Plant more trees rather cutting down existing for civilization
  6. Start a compost pile
  7. Practice in-situ or onsite conservation of wildlife
  8. Minimize killing of animals to have a meal. Take only the quantity to fulfill body nutrition needs rather making it a habit

With this said, enjoy life and be responsible to save nature 🙂 Have a Happy and Safe Diwali! Do what you love to do 🙂