Getting Inked – Sociably accepted or still frowned upon?

Have you ever faced a situation to hide your tattoo from society or family? If yes, is it a crime to get inked? Or a person with tattoos is different from normal person? Why such descrimination? Are we still living in the era that society doesn’t understand tattooing? Is it one generation that looks on in disguise or is it mix of different ages? Well, that’s too many questions and feelings to handle.

Let’s get into some history of tattoo to know it’s existence. It’s been identified that tattoos were found on mummies which proves it’s existence since ancient times. Mojave Indians have tattooed their chins to ensure safe passage into the afterlife since time immemorial. In Myanmar’s Chin province, women began getting facial tattoos hundreds of years ago to discourage tyrannical kings from kidnapping them, but their facial art has since become a mark of beauty. Tattoo is more know as a body art. In our Indian tradition, bride and bride groom will be applied with Mehendi (form of temporary tattoo) as a pre-wedding ceremony. When a temporary tattoo is accepted widely and ceremonized why a permanent tattoo to be descriminated? It’s exists in our culture since ages and all is in the eyes which sees it.

Few obvious situations I experienced with tattoos and it’s acceptance. When a tattoo speaks about Mom/Dad/Family, it is seen on a positive note to express the love towards relations etc. Similarly, when a tattoo speaks about a person’s passion/interest, few treat him/her like a fool. At the end, a tattoo is a tattoo weather it expresses passion or relation. Many times I have felt descriminated , received awkward glances. Why are people made to feel like they have done wrong? Why should a second guess on the choice of getting tattooed by others? How are they different to the norm of society? It is not only about body transformation but a form of mental therapy. It sometimes follows a significant moment in ones lives.

No two individuals are alike. Let us accept and respect the choice of getting Inked. Do not look down on other people’s passion or enjoyment. Just think that they are strong enough to decide on what they need in life permanently, what they are crazy about, and show it to world with no regrets. So, what do you think, tattooing still frowned upon to an extent in society? Share your views 🙂 Just follow your heart and live a life of your choice, no matter what others think of you. After all, life is short and don’t waste it by living someone else life!