An Experience to Cherish – Shola Forest

A lot happened on this trek! Curious to know the story? I bet you won't regret. Monsoon treks always have its own charm and nature takes the breath away with its beauty. This was the trek to Tadiandamol Peak which is considered as third highest peak in the state of Karnataka and highest peak of … Continue reading An Experience to Cherish – Shola Forest

A Turquoise Beauty!

Turquoise it looks, a free spirit falling over a rocky ledge into plunge pool, flowing through the gushing winds, traversing through the rocks, burble you hear, lush green all around. Isn't it captivating? This beauty became too much for me to handle and that moment I brokedown. Sitting at a vantage point, dripping water all … Continue reading A Turquoise Beauty!

The Trail Less Explored – Kawadipally Hills

Trust the wait.Embrace the uncertainty.Enjoy the beauty of becoming.When nothing is certain, anything is possible.- Mandy Hale With the outbreak of pandemic, past few months became a waiting to end all this and get back to normalcy. But, what is normal? what are we waiting for? Why are we bored? Is it all a mind … Continue reading The Trail Less Explored – Kawadipally Hills