The Trail Less Explored – Kawadipally Hills

Trust the wait.

Embrace the uncertainty.

Enjoy the beauty of becoming.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

– Mandy Hale

With the outbreak of pandemic, past few months became a waiting to end all this and get back to normalcy. But, what is normal? what are we waiting for? Why are we bored? Is it all a mind game? When there is time in hand, we don’t know what to do. When we are busy, we feel like having time to do something. Hope many of us have passed through this phase especially during lockdown. Without any raffling, was embracing the uncertainty. This actually gave me a chance to work on itineraries to visit places later on and also visit places which are around Hyderabad.

Trek to Kawadipally hills happens to be my first trek after five months. Though I am constantly visiting places in and around Hyderabad all these months, there is a high level of longing. Is it a yearning for completion? May be ‘Yes’😀 wait.. Its absolutely ‘Yes’🙈. There is always a wild exuberance while trekking. Rejuvenating the senses and feeling of completion cant be matched up to anything else in life!

Lush Green, Cool Breeze – Sight of Joy 😀

Kawadipally Hills from our own Telangana is one trek which is least explored. We humans always have a tendency to take places for granted which are in close proximity and outweighs the places which are far away. I always wonder why some of us fail to appreciate the beauty of India despite it’s diversification. Kawadipally hill trek is a full day trek if three hills are explored together. The trail is a mix of boulders, forest path, small streams. The first stretch of the trail is passing through boulders and rocky patches. Later on, more of a forest flat trail. The descend is little steep and passing through streams intermittently. One can find small streams during monsoon. Frantically, I have become choosy in picking up the trails now because of my crippled leg.

One can try out rock climbing on the boulders and chimney. The small streams flowing through out the way is one definite treat to ears and soothing to the soul. Due to rains, we could see the water flowing in streams and all around. This also made the path slippery at places. The trek is a complete package traversing through mix of trails. The add-on is the thorny bushes and bites of mosquito/flies. All of us had scratches and bites on the body at the end!🙃 we could also spot nice fungus formations.

Soothing, isn’t it!

Fact Check (Ref: Wikipedia)

  • Kawadipally hills/ reserve forest is at a distance of around 23km from main city of Hyderabad. It comes under Hayathnagar mandal of R.R. Dist.
  • Kawadipally village is famous for Sri Sri Sri Kodanda Ramachandra Swamy temple.
  • Sandhamoni waterfall – another attraction to visit
  • Ramoji Film City, Mount Opera, Sanghi Temple – other close proximity places to visit
  • Hanuman Hills – Other trekking spot in close proximity

Activities and How to Reach:

  • Bouldering, Caving, Rock Climbing, Hiking – These are some of the activities that can be done here
  • This place is located east of Hyderabad and one can choose ORR route to avoid traffic. Bike/Car rides are doable to this place considering the distance below 100km from any direction from Hyderabad main city. Otherwise, TSRTC buses which goes to Ramoji Film City can be boarded.

PS: Respect nature and its resources always and do not leave any trash on trails.

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